Directed by Dino Zoor

Styled by Marius Madalinmusat

Fashion Editor Fabio Messana

Assistant Mirella VialeMarchino

Video assistant Alessandro Sellini

Make-up Matteo

Starring Katya yangire Sonya Goldberg Psyqhic



Backstage from NINA RICCI FW20 show in Paris By Lisiherre Brugh and Rushemy Botter

Photography by Dino Zoor

Styled by Vanessa Reido

Casting Bitton

Hair Paul Hanlon


Special Thanks for Camille And Bosco



Directed by Dino Zoor

Make-up Silvia cietti

Assistant Giacomo Lombi

Photo by Riccardo Giobetti

Prod By CATTURA production

© Dino Gulino All Rights Reserved 2019

MFW 019

Some days ago, I was watching a video about the Paris Fashion Show of 1989, in which people still used to take notes and shot photographs on film. Nowadays everything is changed and, through social media channels, audiences can reach anytime large-scale of contents. “Instagram Stories” is the perfect example of a temporary feature trend, which enables users to capture and post images as well as videos in a slideshow format, lasting on the social media for h24.
During the Milan Fashion Week, I downloaded diverse “instastories” (without breaking copyrights) of the recurring fashion events from the profiles of participants. 
With more than 780 downloads installed, I started my editing. 
As the background sound, I used the voice of the master Karl, who reveals the power of social networks, focusing on the progress from the last century of the fashion and art trends. 
I believe that there is no better or worse, but it is exclusively a moment of change and evolution, just like it will be in the next 30 years. 
What I am sure of is that it will always remain more appealing to see the world with our own eyes rather than behind 2000pixel 1080×1920.

all this, this project, and of all of you, thanks to all for having participated unknowingly.

© Dino Gulino All Rights Reserved 2019